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Welcome to the Cheryl Price website

Important Note:

Several libraries throughout New Zealand are now stocking hard copies of our Easy Way and Learning Series books.  Please contact your local library if you are interested in viewing or using these.

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Unit Standard Bundles

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11 March 2014

NZQA Updated Unit Standards
In September 2013 NZQA revised and updated many of the Generic Computing unit standards.  The following relate to books and assessments produced by us.

2780 v7, 2783 v7, 2784 v7, 2785 v8, 2786 v7, 2787 v7, 2788 v8, 2789 v7, 2790 v8, 2791 v8, 2792 v7, 2797 v7, 5940 v8, 5946 v7, 6743 v7, 18742 v4, 18743 v4, 18758 v4, 24872 v3, 25656 v3, 25662 v3

Our upgraded assessments are now complete and over the next couple of weeks we will be amending our books.

For comparisons go to our Resources page, Free Resources and you can download our comparisons document.

Microsoft Office 2013 Upgraded Unit Standard Books
The following unit standard books have been upgraded to Microsoft Office 2013 and include literacy and numeracy requirements:

US101 v6
US102 v6 (including the Solutions book)
US111 v7 (including the Solutions book)
US107 v6
US108 v6
US111 v7 – 107 v6
US109 v6
US2785 v8

US112 v6 will be completed in May with the combined 112-108 v6 book following.
US2787 v6 is also in the editing stages - anticipated completion date end May.

Easy Way Books
The following are now available:

Easy Way Word 2013 - Level 1
Easy Way Excel 2013 - Level 2

Home Schooling
The following are now available:

HENZ Intro to Word Processing (Word 2010)
HENZ Intro to Word Processing (Word 2013)
HENZ Intro to Spreadsheets (Excel 2010)

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