"Step-by-step books that really are self-teaching. Microsoft 2013 books are currently being upgraded. You won't be a Dummie after using our books!! "

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Several libraries throughout New Zealand are now stocking hard copies of our Easy Way and Learning Series books.  Please contact your local library if you are interested in viewing or using these.

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Because we print on demand, ie when orders are received, we cannot take back books or resources that are not required, or an error has been made in ordering.

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21 December 2014

Merry Christmas and our best wishes for a Happy New Year and wonderful holidays for you all.  The weather up north of late hasn’t been great so we’re all looking forward to some nice warm weather for the whole of January!!

 We have continued to upgrade our resources to Microsoft Office 2013 and have most of the popular titles available now.  The feedback we have received regarding the new format and literacy and numeracy added has been very satisfying and worth the effort that it has taken.

 New price lists are linked to this Home page and samples of all our books are included on the relevant pages.  These include the table of contents and part of Section 1.

 Some of our later books for Word 2013 include an Extended Learning Booklet in PDF format which is given free of charge to purchasers of the relevant Unit Standard book(s).  This resource includes additional materials which may be photocopied freely and given to students.  The Extended Learning Booklet file will be sent automatically with orders.

Books completed since our last Newsletter
US113 v7 (Word 2013)
US113 v7-109 v6 (Word 2013) plus Extended Learning Booklet
US2781 v8 (Windows 8.1)
US5940 v8 (PowerPoint 2013)
Easy Way Word 2013 – Level 3
Easy Way PowerPoint 2013
Easy Way Computer Basics – Windows 8.1

In Progress
The books listed below will be available progressively early in 2015.
US2786 v7 (Access 2013)
US18742 v5 (Access 2013)
US12885 v6 (Word 2013)
US2789 v7 (Publisher 2013)
US18743 v1 (Excel 2013)
Easy Way Access 2013 – Level 1
Easy Way Access 2013 – Level 3
Easy Way Publisher 2013 – Level 2

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